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Book your sunbed tanning minutes today from as little as £0.50p per minute. When booking online, you will reserve the room during that period, however if you are unable to attend, do not worry, just pop in when you are free and your minutes will be safely stored on your account. 

If you do not wish to use all your minutes on your visit, just let our staff know and they will update your account for your next session.

Our Sunbed    

Our Portsmouth sunbed salon room is a small but comfortable, private space, with staff on hand to provide guidance on accelerators and lotions as required.

We have a single, luxury Ergoline Evolution 600 Turbo Sunbed. Providing the latest technology to give you the perfect suntan. Our sunbed and practices meet the strictest and latest H&S guidance.

We regularly change our sunbed lamps to ensure the sunbed is fully effective on your every visit.


Amazing Results

Full Body Cooling 
(Head & Feet Inclusive)

Full Body & Face Tanning

No Awkward Handles or Missed Tan Areas

Premium Sounds

Comfortable, Ventilated Room

Luxury Experience 
Body Misting

Ergonomically Shaped

Full Tanning Accelerator Capsules & Lotions

XL Lights

What You Should Know

​Treatment Times Exposure Schedule

Not all sunbeds are the same, in fact, they vary greatly in power and coverage.

To ensure you tan safely and comfortably, we set clear guidelines on our luxury Ergoline Evolution 600 Turbo Sunbed. This means, you can not use our sunbed outside of the permitted guidance from the manufacturer and regulatory guidance.

To make using our Ergoline Evolution 600 Turbo sunbed simple, we have provided the following table to help you achieve the perfect tan. This guidance is specific to our sunbed and not to be used with any other models.

If you have your own schedule, you are welcome to use your minutes as you prefer. 

This information is provided for guidance and for your optimal experience and safety.

Skin TypeWeek 1  
1st to 3rd Treatments
Week 2 
4th to 6th Treatment
Week 3
7th to 10th Treatment
Week 4
11th to 15th Treatment
 Weekly Onwards
Subsequent Treatments
 Fair 2 Minutes 5 Minutes 8 Minutes 10 Minutes 12 Minutes
 Average 2 Minutes
 5 Minutes
 8 Minutes 10 Minutes 12 Minutes
 Light Brown 2 Minutes
 7 Minutes10 Minutes 12 Minutes 12 Minutes
 Dark Brown 2 Minutes
 7 Minutes 10 Minutes 12 Minutes 12 Minutes
Actual Booking Time* 5 Minutes 10 Minutes 15 Minutes  15 Minutes  15 Minutes
Warning! Repeated over exposure will cause premature aging and risk of skin cancers. 

If you are unsure of your skin type, speak to a member of our team, or start with the shortest exposure treatment plan (being 'Fair' skin as above).

Walk-In Pricing
​Minutes and Pricing

Pay as you go or buy a tanning package and save,

Pay As You Go
Per Minute - £0.60p
60 Minutes - £30 (0.50p/minute)
120 Minutes - £58 (0.48p/minute)

Please note packages must be used within 12 months of purchase.


​Eye Protection

If you don't already have protection for your eyes, not to worry, we have various options for you available in the salon.
Warning! Failure to wear eye protection may result in severe burns or long term injury to the eyes.

Bronzers, Accelerators, Tattoo Protection, Aftertan Lotions

We supply small capsules to use on site for convenience, or you can purchase these 15ml capsules up to 500ml bottles.

White Bronzers
Black Bronzers
Bronzing Intensifiers
Tingle Lotions
Aftertan Lotions
Your Beauticians
Sunbed Room Location

Our times are designed to be comfortable and convenient for our customers. If you have an out of hours request, you can contact us with your query.

Working Hours
 Tuesday 9:30 am - 7:30pm
Wednesday  9:30 am - 7:30pm
Thursday  9:30 am - 7:30pm
Friday  9:30 am - 7:30pm
Saturday10am - 4:30pm
Sunday Closed

Find us on Copnor Road, on the junction joining Stubbington Avenue & Burfields Road.

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