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    Beauty Academy

      Starting Your Salon

      We were there once. Overwhelmed and concerned with the level of activity required to launch a new business. Well, you should know, our salon started in a bedroom in 2018 and we know the pitfalls and requirements to building a successful beauty salon. We've decided to help others launch their dream business by taking away the fundamentally technical problems that prevent them either starting or growing later on.


    £449 excl. VAT

    Beautify Your Online Presence

    Get started with a beautiful, professional representation of your business. Our specialist partners will develop you a 3 page website for you to take enquiries. Perfect if you plan to be producing your own local marketing campaigns in person, through community groups, social media or by running your own advertisements.

    Expert Development:

    Your website is crafted using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a customised look.

    Stunning Imagery:

    Access HD and 4k professionally taken photos to enhance your salon's visual appeal.

    Asset Generation:

    The assets created for use on the site can be utilised on your social media accounts too; keep it consistent!

    Personalised Design:

    Suggest your most preferred designs with examples from websites you admire.

    Multiple Enquiry Channels:

    Enable customer inquiries via phone, email, and a contact form.

    Stressfree Design Service:

    Unsure about the best approach for your website? Don't worry, we have efficient builds with minimal fuss.

    Guided Expertise:

    Receive professional advice on additions or how to achieve requirements.

    Branded Domain:

    The website comes with a unique website URL reflecting your salon's brand.

    Professional Online Presence:

    Launch with a 3-page website designed by specialist partners for handling inquiries. 


    Made for visibility, your site will be indexed with search engines from the start.

    Professional Email:

    Get a branded email, avoiding generic services which are bad for perception.

    Make Updates At Any Time:

    You can contact our web developers or make adjustments yourself as required.


    £649 excl. VAT

    Bookings & Payments In One

    Start your business from the ground running with a fully branded and bespoke booking system. Take bookings through your website, social media accounts, by email, or over the phone, with links for any platform and an easy to use interface for booking customers in. Automating your operation from the first day you start trading.

    Immediate Bookings:

    Schedule appointments directly via website, social media or through a phone.

    Business Growth:

    Simplify booking processes to encourage quicker customer decisions.

    Booking Policy & T&Cs:

    Develop a policy and include terms with acknowledgement at booking.

    Integrated Calendar:

    Display bookings on your website for easy management.

    CRM Integration:

    Retain customer data for marketing activities, with additional options for enhanced CRM features.

    Flexible Development:

    Need a system to perform something else? No problem! Our developers will make those adjustments for you.

    Secure Payments:

    Accept deposits or full payments online with easy payment gateway setup.   

    Customer Self-Service:

    Clients manage their bookings according to your policy via a customer portal.

    Brand Alignment:

    Design booking pages to match your salon's brand or website.


    Keep customers and staff updated with email or optional SMS alerts.

    Team Expansion:

    Add new members to your booking system and effortlessly manage their hours among other features.


    £989 excl. VAT

    Get new clients, fast

    Obtain clients who are searching today for your services. Our partners manage hundreds of thousands of pounds in advertising spend every year. They understand the pitfalls of running ads on Google, Bing and other platforms. You don't have to worry about wasting your money with a professionally managed campaign.

    Reach The Right People:

    You can show your ads to people who are looking for beauty services like yours.

    Be Seen Right Away:

    Your salon can appear at the top of online searches quickly, so people notice you first.

    Control Your Spending:

    You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, helping you manage your budget.

    Track Your Success:

    You can easily see how well your ads are doing and make changes to improve them.

    Attract Local Customers:

    Make your salon known in your local area, bringing in more nearby clients.

    Stand Out:

    Your salon can get noticed even among competitors who might not be advertising as much.

    Get More Website Visitors:

    More people will visit your salon's website, which can lead to more bookings.

    Remind Interested People:

    Show ads to people who visited your website before, encouraging them to return. 

    Build Your Salon's Name:

    Just seeing your salon's name in ads can make people remember your services.

    Make Changes Easily:

    You can adjust your ads anytime to make sure they work best for you.


    £1449 excl. VAT

    The Salon Operating System

    Get started with guidance on incorporation, avoiding pitfalls, obtaining your first clients, producing your terms and conditions, client retention, annual responsibilities as a business owner and more.

    Unified Business Management:

    Offers a suite of over 40 integrated applications to manage business functions from a single platform.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

    Streamline customer interactions and manage leads to enhance customer service and loyalty.

    Appointment Scheduling:

    Simplify booking processes for services, reducing no-shows and optimising salon schedules.

    Marketing Automation:

    Create and automate marketing campaigns to attract and retain clients.

    Financial Tools:

    Manage invoices, expenses, and financial reports to keep finances in check. 

    Employee Management:

    Organise staff schedules, manage payroll, and track performance all from one application.

    Analytics & Reporting:

    Gain insights into business performance to make informed decisions for growth and improvement.

    Workplace Management:

    Utilise emails and internal communication tools for efficient coordination. 

    Customer Engagement:

    Engage directly with customers through SalesIQ, providing personalised interactions.

    Social Media Management:

    Plan and execute social media strategies with Zoho Social, keeping your brand active and engaged.


    £449 excl. VAT

    Business Growth Organically

    Expanding on the benefits of local SEO for a beauty salon involves deeper insights into how it can drive growth

    Boosted Online Visibility:

    Enhances your salon's ranking in local search results, making it more visible to potential clients searching for beauty services in your area.

    Local SEO:

    not only attracts more customers but also strengthens your salon's reputation and community presence, fostering both immediate and long-term growth.

    Enhanced Trust & Credibility:

    The assets created for use on the site can be utilised on your social media accounts too; keep it consistent!

    Improved Online Reviews:

    Encourages satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, further influencing clients and improving your salon's online presence.

    Targeted Local Marketing:

    Allows for more focused marketing efforts, reaching out to potential clients within a specific geographic area, leading to more efficient use of marketing resources.

    Increased Local Foot Traffic:

    By appearing prominently in local searches, your salon attracts more attention from the community.


    Any of these services, solutions and applications can be acquired individually rather than part of an initial package.

    You can visit our Running a Salon page or Growing a Salon page to book an individual service addition.

    Get started with guidance on incorporation, avoiding pitfalls, obtaining your first clients, producing your terms and conditions, client retention, annual responsibilities as a busines owner and more.

    Get started with alternatives to expensive commission based services. Utilise a complete suite of applications to run your entire business without any need to use third party systems, all at a lower cost.