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      Eyelash Extension Courses

      Let's get you started on your journey to becoming a fully fledged lash artist. Whether you're new to the industry looking to become qualified, or are a trading lash artist looking to refine your skills, we have all the options for you.


    Being an eyelash technician offers not only financial benefits but also deeply rewarding personal connections. With the high demand for beauty treatments, especially eyelash extensions requiring bi-weekly maintenance, you can cultivate a steady client base, ensuring a consistent revenue stream. This profession allows for flexibility in scheduling, letting you align work with your lifestyle preferences. Moreover, the personal rapport you develop with clients enriches the job, making it more than just a career but a pathway to becoming a trusted confidant and integral part of many lives.
    - Steady, repeat clientele
    - High-profit potential
    - Flexible schedule
    - Strong personal client relationships
    - Significant demand with low supply


    The below two courses are for aspiring lash technicians who are looking to becoming accredited and insured to be able to trade successfully. 

    Classic Lash Course

    Base Course

    Obtain your accreditation


    Hybrids Masterclass 1-2-1

    Advanced Course

    Refine your techniques


    Russian Volume Lash Course

    Base Course

    Obtain your accreditation


    Russian Masterclass 1-2-1

    Advanced Course 

    Refine your techniques



    Benefits of the base eyelash course

    Ready to jumpstart your beauty career? Our base eyelash extension course is just perfect for beginners. Not only will you master the classic lash application techniques, but you'll also walk away feeling super confident about offering this in-demand service. Plus, you get to choose your own training dates, work on mannequin heads or live models, and learn all the ins and outs to ensure you're ready to wow your future clients. This course is accredited by ABT and allows you to trade as an eyelash technician or lash artist.

    Benefits of a masterclass course

    Learn new styles and skills or focus on particular aspects of your treatments such as improving retention, crafting new fans and troubleshooting common issues. Every day is a school day, now let us be the best we can be!

    Course availability

    This page offers four separate day courses: Classic Eyelash Extensions, Russian Volume, and Hybrid Lashes. The courses may be held consecutively for your convenience subject to availability. 

    Course progression

    Start with the introductory Eyelash Extensions course to cover the basics with our classic course, followed by Hybrid lashes master class and polish your skills with ABT accredited Russian volume.

    Sessions run from 0930am - 4pm, focusing on theory and practical skills using mannequin heads, typically without actual treatments performed on models. 

    Arrive by 9:20am for a timely start, with a lunch break included. 

    Can I bring a model?

    You can bring a model so long as you have gained student insurance through our chosen provider. You must use our insurance provider (typically £25) and provide the certificate so we can ensure the appropriate liability cover is in place to protect all parties. This insurance covers you for the day you are with us and for the subsequent period you are training using live models. 

    Typically, it would be best to bring a model on the 2nd day of training, or if you are already trained / have completed the introductory lash extension course.

    If you struggle to find a model, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to find one for you. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate in contacting us.

    Where can I attend this course?

    Our ABT accredited lash training salon is situated in Copnor road, Portsmouth. On your training day(s), you can also visit our partner agency which is local to our salon to discuss starting your salon or any addons purchased for either running or growing your salon. 

    Starter Kits
    You don't need kits for the training as all necessary products/tools are provided at the center.

    Starter kits are included within our training prices which are high quality products that our own technicians use within our salon. They are therefore rigorously used, tested and thus recommended. 
    How to book an eyelash extension course

    To book a course, simply open the relevant package, select the most appropriate available date for you and proceed to checkout. You will need a credit or debit card to complete your booking.

    The deposit is payable at the time of booking or you can make a full payment upfront as you prefer. The remaining amount is due a week before your course.

    Any amendments require 7 days notice without losing your deposit. If you are providing less than 48 hours notice please note you will be charged the full amount for the course.

    Payment Methods

    You can pay by credit or debit card through our website, or contact us to via invoice.

    Entry requirements for an eyelash extension course

    Our diploma courses are designed for both total beginners and those seeking to enter the beauty industry, with no prerequisites required. They're ideal for individuals new to beauty or seasoned therapists looking to update their skills. We embrace students of varying abilities, aiming to equip them with new skills or enhance existing ones, regardless of their professional background.

    What qualification will I receive?

    When you have successfully completed your training day(s), you will receive The Virtual Lashes Academy Diploma which is fully Accredited by Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT).

    How long will it take to receive my eyelash extension diploma?

    You will receive your diploma on the day of training subject to successfully completing all requirements of the course. If there are any outstanding actions then do not worry, our trainer will work with you to complete this as your time allows at which point on completion you will receive your diploma. Once you have your diploma you can secure professional and full public liability insurance and subsequently begin offering your services to clients.

    How do I obtain insurance to provide eyelash extensions?

    There are two types of insurance you require:

    • Student insurance allows you to train on live models and offer services so long as you are charging half the typical price for extensions
    • Public liability insurance allows you to charge full price and trade as normal offering the services covered by your insurance

    You can obtain student insurance prior to taking an ABT accredited course with Virtual Lashes Beauty Academy

    You can not obtain public liability insurance without having an ABT accredited diploma. Once you receive your ABT accredited Virtual Lashes Diploma, you will be able to receive insurance through most insurance providers.
    Why Virtual Lashes Beauty Academy?

    We know what it takes to run a successful beauty salon. Our business started in a bedroom in 2018, 6 years later we've a salon that is fully booked year-round that employs six and is at max capacity.

    When you train with Virtual Lashes, you gain real world experience of providing the treatments day-in, day-out. We see over 1,500 clients every year. 

    What's more, we have carefully put together a roadmap for every trainee subject to their goals to ensure their success. If they are looking to obtain employment in an established salon, look to start up on their own from home or by renting a chair, or wish to acquire their own premises, we have the experience, services and solutions to make this simple and straight forward. 

    When you invest your training with Virtual Lashes, we're investing in your future success. This is symbiotic. Your success is ours and ours, is yours. Trust in our team, you won't be disappointed. 


    After completing the course, you'll gain the confidence to apply your newly learned skills immediately, though practicing post-training is advised. With your certificate, securing public liability insurance and buying supplies becomes straightforward, enabling you to start treating clients as a freelancer and potentially earn £25-£50 per hour. The beauty industry offers broad career paths, and furthering your education with additional courses can help expand your service offerings based on client demand, enhancing your professional growth.

    For those looking to set up on their own as beauticians, self employed/sole traders or as private limited enterprises, we can ensure your chances of success are high and join you on this journey. Typically it takes 1-3 years to create a full thriving business, on average most businesses that are still trading after 12 months are hugely successful by the third year. Our partners ensure you avoid the pitfalls and help you establish your business right from day one of completing your training.


    Our partner agency specialise in helping businesses grow and run better. That's why we have obtained preferential packages to help new aspiring lash artists to start their businesses or to help existing salons become more profitable, acquire more clients and run more efficiently.

    Start Your Salon


    Become incorporated (and protect yourself from personal liability), obtain your insurance, create a index-friendly website that will rank and generate local enquiry and have a consistent brand appearance across your website, socials and printed products.


    Run Your Salon

    Obtain the best systems and solutions to automate customer booking, take payments, produce your business accounts, payroll, CRM databases and marketing activities.


    Grow Your Salon

    Position your business to generate organic local enquiry through search engines, create marketing campaigns and advertisements on all platforms to drive bookings through your website or social media platform. Retain your clients and become fully booked in no time!



    Our ABT accreditation ensures our customers have no issue from obtaining insurance from key industry providers:

    Lash Student Insurance

    Includes all ABT membership benefits along with their comprehensive insurance package which is offered through Zurich Insurance Company Ltd outlined within the ABT policy wording.

    For Individual Student Lash Artists.



    ABT Student Insurance includes all membership benefits listed along with their comprehensive insurance package which is offered through Zurich Insurance Company Ltd outlined within their policy wording and explanatory booklet. Cover is for all the standard beauty treatments and is subject to the student limitation as found within their application form.

    Important Student Cover Limitations by ABT

    *Student Cover: for students' case study work, or for other work prior to qualification being obtained, relies on the following for cover to operate:

    1. You must be deemed competent to practice by your school and must not practice outside the scope of what you have been taught. Regular supervision and/or ongoing case consultation/review for such case studies must be in place.

    2. Students are to declare to clients/patients in advance that they are not fully qualified.

    3. You may charge a fee provided this is a modest amount and evidently lower than an experienced and qualified therapist would normally charge.


    ABT aims to provide you with an affordable insurance solution which includes cover to work from home, salon or any other safe location in the UK or temporarily abroad (other than USA or Canada).

    Up to £6 million Professional Treatment Risks Insurance should anything happen while you are performing a treatment or acting otherwise in your professional capacity

    6 million Public Liability should any accidents occur

    Up to £6 million Professional Treatment Risks Insurance should anything happen while you are performing a treatment or acting otherwise in your professional capacity

    In addition, we give you unlimited defence costs per claim with an unlimited number of claims in a year.

    Please note all information relating to insurance may be subject to change at any time prior to taking out a policy. The information displayed on this site is for informational purposes only and you should refer directly to ABT for their up to date offering and re-check all information prior to taking our any policies.


    We have a team of ten amazing specialists who ensure the smooth running of our salon and training academy. The key individuals you will regularly meet are introduced below. You may encounter other members of our team during or after your time with us subject to the level of training and development support you have chosen as part of your package. We all look forward to helping you on your journey!

    I run a succesful beauty salon and spend my days making women feel and look amazing.



    I started at the salon after leaving education and now am a fully qualified lash artist.


    Branch Manager

    I help micro enterprises, SMEs and Corporations grow and run their businesses effectively.


    Business Growth Agency


    Visit our popular salon to learn to lash where you will see first hand how we run the best eyelash extension salon in Portsmouth. You then have the option of visiting our partner agencies premises on the same road as the salon, or liaise with them remotely to help you take your project and business forward, or both! 

    Our team will be available to meet with you subject to your booking, otherwise you can make alternative arrangements directly.