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"Russian Volume eyelash extensions create a beautifully full eyelash line for maximum impact"

Volume Eyelashes Overview

Russian volume is an advanced treatment that takes a lot of training, patience and skill to carryout successfully.

Volume lash extensions are handmade fans that consist of multiple ultra fine extensions. These are made at the time of application by our technician using their specially designed tools.


The technician skillfully creates bouquets of eyelash extensions that are then placed onto the natural lash in a fanned effect, to create extra fluffiness, volume and fullness than cannot be achieved with classic extensions. Although multiple extensions are used, the process requires that the fan is still placed onto one isolated natural lash with a method that covers the natural lash itself without causing any damage.

Russian Volume is the most advanced lash treatment that can be offered and can suit most clients dependent on the desired look. Russian Volume is also ideal if you are an older client with noticeable spacing between your natural lashes with sparse natural lashes.

If you desire a more glamorous or thicker looking set than Russian volume extensions are suitable for you. Fullness levels can vary with Russian Volume, this allows us to produce the look you desire.

Russian Volume Eyelashes Last Up To 4 Weeks

If you are looking for an open, honest and experience eyelash technician then you have come to the right business. 

To ensure you are happy with any eyelash treatments you purchase it is imperative you are given the right consultation, guidance and advice. We will work with you and manage your expectations based on what can realistically be achieved. 

Our aftercare tips will ensure that your Russian volume eyelashes last as long as possible during your eyelash cycle.

Treatment Time for Volumes Eyelashes

Volume eyelash extensions will take approximately 2-3 hours to carry out successfully.

Treatments are carried out at our very comfortable home based Beauty Salon in Copnor, Portsmouth (Near Baffins pond).

Treatment Aftercare

We will discuss your eyelash aftercare with you in person, however please click the button below if you would like some guidance now.

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Photos of our volume eyelash extensions


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