• Ear Piercings

    We ensure high quality and comfort in our ear piercing process. We are here to offer advice and answer any questions you may have before, during, or after your piercing. 

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 Helix £30 Book now
 Forward Helix £35 Book now
 Flat £35Book now
 Inner Conch £35 Book now
 Conch Orbital / UFO £35 Book now
 Tragus  £30Book now
 Anti Tragus  £30 Book now
 Snug  £30 Book now
 Rook  £30Book now
 Daith £35Book now 
 Shen Men £35Book now
 Single Lobe £25 Book now
 Double Lobe (Studex) £35Book now
 Double Lobe (Needle) £45 Book now
 Scaffold / Industrial £45Book now

Prices shown are for the basic piercing with standard jewellery. Upgraded jewellery/add-ons are charged as extras. Please ask for details.

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Upgraded Jewellery 

Below are some examples of upgraded Jewellery. Our range is extensive so you can select and order while at your piercing appointment.

Helix Upgrades

Forward Helix Upgrades

Shen Men / Flat Upgrades

Conch Jewellery Upgrades

Tragus Upgrades

Daith Upgrades

Scaffold / Industrial Upgrades

Did you know?..

The Flat / Shen Men piercing is said to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

A Daith piercing is said to reduce frequency and severity of headaches and migraines.

Guidance on our piercings

Why do you only pierce with titanium?

Titanium is always a good option for brand new piercings. Implant grade titanium is least porous of all of the above material types and won't harbour germs and bacteria. It is the most widely accepted and safe material for implants, not causing reactions with medical procedures. Other places may use a lesser grade material, however this increases the risk of infection and rejected piercings, so we use only the best and safest of materials.

What materials are not used for fresh piercings?

 Materials we do not use for fresh piercings include:

  • 9ct gold
  • Acrylic
  • Steel
  • Gold-plated sterling silver
  • Gold-plated silver
  • Gold-plated surgical steel
  • Gold-plated titanium
  • Rose gold-plated sterling silver
  • Rose gold steel
  • Rose gold titanium
  • Sterling silver 95
  • Surgical steel
  • Titanium-coated steel
  • Zircon steel (gold coloured)
  • Zircon titanium
Do you pierce lobes with a gun?

We do pierce earlobes with piercing guns. There is the option of piercing with a gun or needle when it comes to earlobes. We recommend a gun for children under 5 years due to the level of fidgeting that can be experienced, meaning a rapid process is ideal.  Other body parts will use only needles.

Do you numb skin for piercing?

We do not use numbing products on any piercing for many reasons:

  • It is ineffective as it will only penetrate one layer of skin
  • Numbing creams are not meant to be used on broken skin and can irritate piercings
  • Free sprays are illegal due to toxic fumes
  • The piercing process is very quick and smooth. Thanks to the use of the highest grade needles, only minor discomfort is experienced
Do you provide discounts on multiple piercings?

We do provide discounts if multiple piercings are booked at a time. Let us know at time of booking which piercings you would want and we can provide you with a discount rate.

What is the age restriction for ear piercing?

We do not place age restrictions on earlobe piercings. Inner ear piercing can only be performed on those aged 16 and up. If you are under the age of 18, you will need a parent or guardian and ID with you.

 Piercing Guns Piercing Needles
Pros Cons ProsCons
 Completely safe Not as hygienic (however, our equipment is kept 100% sterile) Very SafeSlightly slower process
QuickOnly available on earlobes due to tissue softnessRemoves tiny piece of tissue making room for jewelleryLikely to bleed
No Bleeding
 Ideal for children
  Ideal for those who are particularly nervous

Regular cleaning with water, boiled and left to cool with a pinch of rock salt.

Table salt is not recommended as it has additives which may cause unexpected reactions.

Clean the piercing twice a day, removing any debris, blood or dried fluids.

Hands must be washed before attempting to clean piercings.

If jewellery needs to be repositioned, wait until cleaned and wet.

Average Healing Time

Earlobe: 6-8 weeks

Ear cartilage: 6-9 months