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Lip Blush is a semi-permanent makeup technique that allows for the enhancement of and natural colouring of the lips. 

This treatment gives your lips a fresh, vibrant colour that will naturally fade and make your lips look more glamorous.

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What are Aquarelle Lips?

Aquarelle lips are a type of lip blushing that blends a color of your choice into your lips in a soft airbrush effect, similar to a lip tint. 

It does not define the edges of the lips quite as much as other techniques do. This is where aquarelle lips differ from regular lip blushing.

The treatment does not outline the lips into a defined shape. It does, provide the illusion of wearing no makeup, as if your lips are naturally that colour. This is carried out by shading the edges of your lips so that the colour saturation is less than in the center of your lips. 

The final result can be adjusted to your wishes, so we achieve a more or less defined finish. 

The aquarelle lips look provides a result that is perfect for every day activities and special occasions, providing you with a make-up free look.

How are Aquarelle Lips Applied?

As with many semi permanent services, the aquarelle lips look is achieved by opening up the skin with an electronic needle device similar to providing a tatoo, with colour being deposited into the skin. 

Rather than using ink, our specialists use colour pigmentations which are manufactured in such a way that the body can break them down over time. This is a gradual process so you can see results for up to 5 years from when the treatment is carried out. This is an amazing amount of time to be maintenance free, with beautifully succulent looking lips.

We can prolong the treatment by providing a colour boost and replenishing the pigmentation as and when you prefer. 

It's important to understand that the colour is layered and built up over several strokes to provide the desired effect and so we will work with you to saturate different areas of the lips to achieve your desired look.

The results are less profound than for example, applying lipstick, so it does not hide the natural texture of your lips but does greatly enhance them. With the correct shading, we achieve a fuller looking lip and make the shape look more symmetrical, or are required.

We provide a touch up session after six to eight weeks to perfect the look or to provide a more intense look, as required. This is carried out once the lips heal completely.

Touching Up Aquarelle Lips

As your body naturally removes the colour pigmentation over the period of 1 to 5 years, you decide when a touch up is required. This is very subjective and down to each individual, we will take into account your preferences and make recommendations based on what you would like to achieve.

On all treatments, after healing, the lips lose some depth of colour and become lighter and less intense.
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